The 10th. Afghan International Film Festival in Sweden International filmfestival in Sweden


The Festival takes place August 8 - 12, 2018.

The festival's primary goal is to add weight and produce movies that reflect the real picture of Afghan society.

The festival will show about 60 films in several categories and will appoint the best films awards in different categories. There will be an opportunity to discuss and ask questions directly to the directors and attend and listen to some pieces of Afghan music.


Address: Markusplatsen 7, Nacka, (vid Sickla köpcentrum), Stockholm



Wednesday - Friday August ( 8 - 10 ) 16:00-22:00

Saturday - Sunday August (11 - 12 ) 13:00-22:00



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Noxaurs, 8901 Marmora Road,

Glasgow D04 89GR

Telephone: 123-456-7890