Events 2019

The SAMA International Film Festival in Sweden


     Hakim Ludin

Honorable guest artist 2019
Professor Hakim Ludin, percussionist (percussion instrument)

Hakim Laudin, musician of modern musical instruments, first started his career by working with a classical orchestra at the Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts in Germany. After completing his graduate degree in afro Brazilian instruments, he collaborated with several growing artistic groups, and at the same time began to build and compose music pieces for well-known theaters in Germany. In addition, he built a student center for the production of musical instruments in a series of television programs in Germany.
He has been renowned artists and renowned jazz fans such as Jonas Hallberg, Thierry Boise Terry Borzoi, Alex Aqua Alex Acuna and Louis Conte Luis Conte in their concerts. Hakim Ludin has been selected several times as the organizer of the world jazz and multi-instrumental workshop at the Bayerische music academy in Germany.

The author of three books is a guide to the implementation of various concaves and other musical instruments. The study of these three books as a methodic theory is very useful for beginners in the field of percussion instruments and is always recommended.

During his artistic activities, Hakim Ludin traveled to India several times, and from several scientific sources of music, great documents and titles of professors In the field of percussion instrument. After several years of education in schools and higher education in Germany, he was promoted to a postgraduate degree in music.
He also traveled abroad and performed concerts. Countless in many countries, they have participated in numerous music festivals and always held The caress of festivals in the world. He was very impressive at the Worldwide Fine Arts Festival in Warsa, the capital of the country Poland. In 2002, he showed a special shine at the documenta festival in Kassel, Germany. In 2001, he was very popular at the journeés de la percussion festival in Paris. Earned The pasic european meeting festivals in Sofia, the capital of the Bulgarian state in 2000, and jazz in Finland in 1999, introduced him as an artist, musician, composer, teacher and writer of the mighty, diligent and innovating world.

      Dawood Sarkhosh

Honorable guest artist 201

Dawood Sarkhosh,Singer, Musician, Composer & best Dambora player

Daoud Sarkhosh, contemporary songwriter, composer and creative musician of Dambora. He is the longtime companion of cinema makers and the festival's permanent companion. He will be with us this year as well.
Daoud Sarkhosh is a sound for love, a voice for pain and exodus and a voice for nostalgia.
He is the master of the musical instrument of Dambura. With his deep understanding of Western music and musical instruments, Daoud has created a new way of playing Dambora and combining eastern and western music. In a concert, without any other instrument, he only listened to Dambora and his voice and enjoyed it.
Dawood Sarkhush has no interest in making video clips for music. His belief is that music is an audible phenomenon, and all other senses must listen to the work in good service.
The first album, Daoud Sarkhosh (My Land), was created in collaboration with Amir Jon Sabouri, and Zahir Howeida, the late Afghan songwriter, dubbed the album Daoud Sarkhosh as the milestone of Afghan music in the world of emigration. Some songs of this album, including the song (My Land), were performed by Iranian, Tajik, Kurdish and other nationalities. His new albums include White and Black, Mariam, War and Madness album and the Me and you, each of which has a new experience of poetry, songwriting, and song type.
In recent years, he has been performing with many continental music concerts.
Dawood Sarkhosh will sing at the festival this year.
Meet Dawood Sarkhosh at the SAMA International Film Festival in Stockholm.