The SAMA International Film Festival in Sweden


Few things about the Sama Film festival in Sweden

1. The main purpose of the Sama Film Festival in Sweden is to develop and support the central idea and creative cinema in Afghanistan. In addition, this festival tries to display more of the Afghan filmmakers as well as some foreign filmmakers that have made films regarding Afghanistan and also good films from the countries with the same language.

2. The festival organized by a working group that are involved in cinema and culture activities at the “Afghan Pen Club” in Sweden. But the decision is not made by one individual, each member of the selection committee of the films have expertise in the fields of cinema, literature and art and the films are selected by the majority vote.

3. The Festival is not based on ethnicity or religion and does not define ethnic art. The “Afghan Pen Club” in Sweden has proven this strategy in their activities for many years. Members of the Organizing Committee of the Festival has only artistic and cultural motivations from different parts of Afghanistan. The festival has no political affiliation and commitment to any party. The Festival commits itself to true artistic value and that is why they get the right to select and make decision.

4. The festival focuses on films that meet the standard requirements. Type of subject and content, artistic, creative and proper technic is the important parameters that these films must have. But, there might be a film in the Festival that may not have all those parameters and technically will be weak, but the movie content and characteristic might worth showing it in the Festival.

5. The Festival in the previous years were avoiding the competition and awards due to their conservative views, therefor they were issuing only certificates of appreciation.

But this year the competitions between Afghan filmmakers in the country has increased so they divided the types films in categories (full story, short story, full documentary, short documentary and animation films) the best of each winner category will receive a trophy. And hopefully the competition and the number of awards will increase in the coming years.

It’s good to mention that the reason the Festival selected a symbol of (Darwishi) trophy for Afghan films in Sweden is because of appreciation of Jalal Al- Din Mohammad Balkhi, the world’s leading character and on the other hand we wanted to emphasize the unbreakable bond of literature and Cinema.

6. The Festival with all due respect separate their works and excuse themselves for showing films that produced in the style of Bollywood in Afghanistan. Because they think that types of films can be displayed in its own special festival.

7. The Festival had invited Afghan Filmmakers that produced new films as much as possible in the past, such as Atiq Rahimi, Siddiq Barmak, Humayoon Karimipour, Barmak Akram, Hussain Danesh, Diana Saqeb, Sahra Karimi, Malek Shafi'i, Noorhashim Abir, Nasir Alqas, Shams Abadi, Zubair Padash, Humayun payez and several other filmmakers were present at the festival.

The Festival has limited financial resources and the number of filmmakers are attending the festival at their own expense. We believe that art and talent should first be supported by the artist and the public. The most basic support of the people will be their warm presence to watch and value the production of art in a society.

8. The Festival has released the guidelines and conditions of films three months ago, and made the Festival forms available to the fans. And by the completion of the conditions for submission of entries, your film will be presented for nomination to the selection committee

9. The committee of the Festival took a first step for internationalization of the Festival by inviting the filmmakers from abroad, and we believe that there is still a long way ahead in this area to go.

10. Each year the festival pays the film reviews for media publishing, the development of culture film festival is one of the important programs to promote professional theater in Afghanistan.

-Review as a session of questions and answers during the festival, a round table movie reviews by critics, cinema or radio report, TV, writing a review and publishing it in the media is part of the festival's program.

The Festival team thanks all those who submits and send their films, we sincerely shake your hand and appreciate your efforts.